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Ishai License Holders Warn on Gas Extraction from Aphrodite

Israel Opportunity chairman Rony Halman: Further development of the Aphrodite reservoir that ignores Israel's rights will represent a dangerous precedent.

Globes 13/03/2018, 10:30

Israel Opportunity Purchased 10 Oil Fields in North Dakota, USA, and is Beginning Development Works

The Partnership announced on June 27th, 2017 it will complete two drillings this year, and two more next year. The cash flow from oil sales is expected within next year. Eyal Shuker, CEO of Israel Opportunity: The partnership has a large cash pool that will allow immediate development of the fields

28/06/2017, 12:00

Additional gas reserve off the coast of Israel: Ishai license declared gas discovery by the Petroleum Commissioner at the Ministry of Infrastructure

The ministry has thereby answered the question whether the Cypriot Aphrodite reserve is partly in Israel's economic zone, determining that the Aphrodite 2 drilling carried out in late 2012 in the Ishai license proved that the reserve is partly in the Israeli license and is an economic asset.

Israel Opportunity - Energy Resources, LP.

The Partnership was founded in February 2010 and is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since July 2010. The objective of the Partnership is to participate in oil and/or gas explorations in the geographic areas defined or to be defined in the limited partnership contract as updated from time to time and subject to the approval of the The Petroleum Council in the Ministry of Energy and Water. As of today, the Partnership has engaged in contracts in various oil assets covering an overall area of more than 3000 square km. The assorted oil rights provide an exposure to the potential in Israel's deep waters, whilst dispersing risks. The Partnership is managed by the general partner: Israel Opportunity – Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd.

"Homer Ferington" 

During the 'Aphrodita 2' drilling