About us

Israel Opportunity Energy Resources, LP

Israel Opportunity – Energy Resources, Limited Partnership (The Partnership) was founded in February 2010 and is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since July 2010.

Our Mission is to participate in oil and gas exploration, development and production in defined geographic areas.

The Partnership holds participation rights in several offshore assets in Israel. The assorted oil rights in Israel provide an exposure to the inherent potential in Israel’s deep waters whilst dispersing risks.

The Partnership is managed by the general partner: Israel Opportunity – Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd

The General Partner

The general partner, Israel Opportunity – Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd, is a private company incorporated in Israel according to the Companies Law, 5759-1999 on February 7, 2010. It fully controls the management and businesses of Israel Opportunity – Energy Resources, Limited Partnership (Limited Partnership) and is also in charge of managing all the Limited Partnership’s affairs.

The general partner has all powers and authorities to perform or make sure that all the actions deemed necessary and/or beneficial for executing the Limited Partnership’s objectives are performed, except powers and authorities explicitly removed and/or subject to the exceptions specified in the Limited Partnership’s Agreement, as updated from time to time and published on the reporting websites of the Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The team

The management of Israel Opportunity – Energy Resources, Limited Partnership is composed from a team of top experts in the field who are committed to the Partnership’s investors. The skills and professionalism accumulated by years of experience in the capital market, particularly in oil and gas investments, are the guiding principles for the management of The Partnership and accompany its every step.

Dr. Rony Halman, Chairman of the Board

Founder. Chairman of Halman-Aldubi Group. Dr. Halman holds a PhD in Agency cost and Pension Funds, an MBA (cum laude), in financing and accounting, and a BA (cum laude) in mathematics and computer sciences from Tel Aviv University. In addition, Dr. Halman is certified with portfolio management license of the Securities Authority. He is the founder of the Israeli Pension Association and among the founders of the Israeli Oil and Gas Exploration Industry Association. Dr. Halman holds an experience of over 20 years in capital markets and in the long term savings field. Dr. Halman served as an officer in the Israeli elite intelligence unit 8200.

Uri Aldubi, Director and Founder,
former Chairman of the Association of Oil & Gas Exploration Industries in Israel

Founder. Mr. Aldubi is the chairman of the Halman-Aldubi Group. Mr. Aldubi has an MBA in finance, and a BA in Management and Economics from Tel Aviv University. Mr. Aldubi served as Chairman of the Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Industries from 2010 to 2017.

Eyal Shuker, CEO

Eyal Shuker has been CEO of Israel Opportunity Oil and Gas Exploration since its establishment. Mr. Shuker holds a BA in Economics and a MBA in Finance from Bar Ilan University. Mr. Shuker has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry in the Levant Basin territory. In his previous position, Mr. Shuker managed institutional funds and investments in the oil and gas sector.

Maya Gottdenker–Firon Adv., General Counsel

Mrs. Gottdenker-Firon holds an L.L.B. degree and a BA in Economics and L.L.M degree from Haifa University. Mrs. Gottdenker-Firon has an extensive experience in corporate and commercial law. Mrs. Gottdenker-Firon is employed by The Partnership Since 2012.