Unveiling ceremony of the Energy post stamp, 12.12.2012

In honor of the 26th annual philately day, the “Energy Resources in Israel” stamp was unveiled in December 2012. The stamp, created by the Philatelic Service together with the Association of Oil and Gas Industries in Israel, represents the importance of the energy economy in Israel highlighting the discoveries of large and important natural gas reservoirs in Israeli waters in the past few years. The stamp contains an illustration of an offshore platform along with land drilling (courtesy of the Zionist Archives), designed by Ronen Goldenberg and Tuvia Kurtz and valued NIS 4.2. The photos are taken from the Stamp unveiling in the presence of the Former Minister of Energy and Water, Dr. Uzi Landau and the former Minister of Communications, Mr Moshe Kahlon together with photos from the 26th annual philately conference in which Mr. Rony Halman, Chairman of the Board of ‘Israel Opportunity – Oil and Gas Exploration Ltd.’ also participated.